I am on yankee boards and sox boards. I live in MA, so the banter here is more akin to my home experience. Also, there are very few good baseball forums, period. I have been on some Yankee boards where, for example, if you put down a player, you get ridiculed then banned. I forget the prospect, but years ago on the nyyfans site, they were raving about him. I had a subscription to an actual scouting site who said he was garbage. I repeated that SR and got banned. Seriously, banned for disagreeing with the projection of a prospect (btw, I ended up being right IIRC). I'm not on this site because it's a sox site, I am on this site because opposing views are allowed and while they may be ridiculed, they are at least not ban worthy. I took a long and strange road to get here years ago. I was at the Herald before that site exploded, then to a smaller board, then I followed some posters from BH to here. I got banned initially, then came back on and calmed down. It has worked out. I enjoy the banter. I can take a criticism. That being said, I will always represent my team. We have a small but vocal conclave of yankee fans on this site. We are the ones who can handle a bit of crap as most don't survive here. But we all like it