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Thread: Yankees-Indians ALDS

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    Bauer was really good yesterday. Gray was not. Our pen held serve, but our offense couldn’t muster any rallies at all. Now we are in a tough spot, forced to win a Kluber game to win the series. I think yesterday served as a good lesson for our young offense, especially for Sanchez and Judge. The Indians were the third highest breaking ball ratio team in the game (Yanks were first). Judge and Sanchez shouldn’t expect to see fastballs pretty much at all. They’re going to have to look breaking ball first this series or they’ll be neutralized.

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    I went to bed early as I have been up for a half hour now, but I didn’t get to see Miller come in. The Tribe had a 4 run lead and still burned 30 pitches out of Miller’s arm. That might come in handy for us if we can lock up in a tight one with Kluber today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Star View Post
    Let's be honest, we NEVER say anything good about umps. If we notice them at all, it's because they're shit.
    That's the way it should be, if you don't think about them is because they did a good job

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    We should score at least 12 runs off of Kluber tonight. At least.

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    Gregororius had good swings too.

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    Frazier fucks up first play. Cmon man

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    Let's go Indians, clear the bases

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    Awful pitching by the fat fuck

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    Huge play there. EE out of the game and out on the play

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    Why the fuck is Frazier running? We have Judge up. He’s either gonna K or hit a bomb. I don’t get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    Get the pen going

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    CC has nothing. What the hell is up with this rotation? They aren’t even competitive.

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