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Thread: 10/6 ALDS @ Astros

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    Carson looks like his heart is beating 300 times a minute. This is going to be really ugly

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    I remain hopeful. It's not over yet. Keuchel can be beat. Smith has to get us out of this inning.

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    We are a joke..............he has lost any composure like the team in general. We deserve to be the last team talked about behind the pats, celtics, and even the bruins.

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    Wow, this could be it right here.

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    What the hell is Smith doing in a game like this anyway. He hasn't pitch competitively for 2 years now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OH FOY! View Post
    Wow, this could be it right here.
    Farrell has been on the edge before- but this has to be the end of him finally if we are swept.

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    Smith should have gotten himself tossed. Then Price would have all the time he needs to warm up, and I would take my sweet time doing that if I'm Price.
    The Yankees could go 0-162 and it wouldn't be enough

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    If we can't pull this off stick a fork in us. Poms was the one pitcher on this rotation I trusted to win us a game and he completely blew it...... Our 2 best pitchers get absolutely destroyed. So pissed I can't even focus at work now.

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    DD can make it 0 for 3 with his guys if Price gets rocked in the postseason again.

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    Honestly any monkey fresh out of the jungle could be more consistent calling pitches than angel.

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    Good things happen when you don't throw anything right over the middle.

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    That was Huge!!!!! Were still in it!!! hahahahahaha

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    Good job by Price there.
    "It happens to everybody, man. He's had 60 at-bats. A couple of years ago, I had 60 at-bats, and I was hitting .170, and everyone was ready to kill me, too. And what happened? Laser show. So, relax."

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    Price gets us out of the jam.... Wow.

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