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Thread: Drew Pomeranz strains forearm

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    Drew Pomeranz strains forearm

    Didn't see this mentioned anywhere. MRI shows a mild flexor tendon strain. The average length of DL time last year for flexor tendon strains in pitchers was 6 weeks, although Pom has had this before and returned faster. This will likely keep him from breaking camp in Boston as he won't be stretched out.
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    With his injury history, you never really know when he could throw his last pitch. I think the Sox were lucky to get his production last year.
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    Oh, it's been mentioned a lot in the Spring Training thread. Kimmi posted this March 3.

    Jason Mastrodonato
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    2m2 minutes ago

    Looks like every player who had a flexor strain last year missed at least six weeks except Pomeranz, who got a late start after a stem cell injection in his elbow and then missed the minimum 10 days on the DL to start the year. Diagnosis then was a left forearm flexor strain.

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    Update today. He will resume his throwing program. Outside chance he breaks camp with the club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellhorn04 View Post
    Oh, it's been mentioned a lot in the Spring Training thread.
    Jacko just loves starting new threads whenever a Sox player his hurt. It's his raison d'etre.
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    I guess that this year's strain was less serious than last year's strain, because they didn't do the stem cell injection this time.
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    The good news is that it was the tendon and not the muscle.

    If it is the muscle then he is doomed to ucl replacement.

    Normally in this situation the trainers have the athlete go through rehab and get the tendon strong enough to last the year.

    I am cautiously optimistic we may get Pomeranz through this year before he breaks down.

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    I kind of want to see Brian Johnson get a shot this year anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenmeister View Post
    I kind of want to see Brian Johnson get a shot this year anyway.
    me too and I think that he will

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