Youíre forgetting German who will be starting in AAA. Listen, I donít turn my attention to anybody right now. If something falls into our lap, then great. Weíre under the cap by a fair amount and we have every position covered and then some. I also think Wade wins the 2b job out of ST mostly because the Yankees will want Torres to get more seasoning but also to delay his clock. It also leaves Torres in play for both 2b and 3b should one of the kids fail. Lost in the system depth is just how good Wade is. High OBP, High average, his SB potential with slick defense. He reminds me of Brian Roberts.

I honestly think Cashman is going to be reactive from here on out. No point in being proactive and setting a market. No point in being the highest bidder. Also, with how the mid market guys have fared, we might be able to snatch a bargain from the bin who turns out to help us a ton. Iím still keeping an on Todd Frazier for right now. Moustakas sounded like a pipe dream, but his market is slow to develop as he never proved he was the guy he was in 2017 for any period of time more than a year. He might end up a pillow contract type and that would be amazing for us. Both those guys could end up elsewhere and we have the minor league talent to start seeing what we have.

How many teams have a legitimate ace, 2 legitimate former aces still in their prime, and a 4,5 like Sabathia and Montgomery? Not many teams. Now do those teams have a loaded AAA rotation behind them with 3 top 100 talents? Heck no. We have a stupid embarrassment of riches right now and we have no impetus to trade from it. Let it come to us