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Now just a second here! My recollection is that transistor radios came on the market in the mid-fifties: the Pearsall, Jenson, Sammy White, Don Buddin era. I believe they weren't even invented until the late 40s, and not sold commercially until much later.
It must have later that I used the transistor radio, but I do recall listening in 1950 while in bed... must have been an electric radio. I looked up the 1948 lineup because it was the first one I knew (at age 4). The Yanks were on one station and Red Sox were on the other... My father lost so much money betting against the Yanks that he later became a fan, but I stuck with my Sox and recall being thrilled by second and third place finishes or even first division finishes (1-4 in an 8 team league). Thankfully, it wasn't all winning back then. I guess all that offensive fire power must have been enough for me.