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Thread: Tribute to Billy Werber, by Bob M.

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    Tribute to Billy Werber, by Bob M.

    For baseball fans everywhere:

    The Ballad of Billy Werber

    It was somewhere between '34 and '36
    and the scene was Fenway Park;
    The Red Sox were hosting the Yankees,
    The day Billy Werber made his mark.

    I don't recall who's pitching, but he's
    angry and over-wrought;
    He'd just walked this Werber kid
    And he did not do that a lot!

    Somewhere out there in Google-land,
    There may be an account of this feat;
    But, I was there in person,
    On a bench they called a seat.

    After drawing the walk, Werber heads for first,
    The catcher, Dickey holding the ball;
    Lazzeri, is no where near second
    Paying no attention to the “ball 4” call.

    Crosetti, the shortstop is checking his hair,
    hat off, fingers scratching away;
    Everybody seems half asleep on this
    balmy, mid-summer day.

    As Billy makes the turn at first,
    he's watching these all-stars freeze,
    So he puts his butt in second gear
    and slides into second with ease!

    Many years later I heard that Cobb
    had pulled the same thing once,
    And a few others had likewise tried,
    but not really a whole big bunch.

    In 1930, Billy was a Yankee,
    where Crosetti amd Lazzeri held sway;
    He rode the bench and played off and on;
    Until it came; a career changing great day.

    He was traded to the Red Sox,
    and became a very familiar face;
    Can you imagine the smile he beamed
    standing tall on second base?

    This came so early in a great career,
    that not much was written or said,
    Until the word came out of Charlotte,
    that the great Billy Werber was dead.

    Some times stats tell a story
    that are true but incomplete;
    and there are few of his equal in Cooperstown,
    not when you're talking “compete.”

    His numbers can be easily found, hitting, fielding,
    (man, how he could run---!)
    He fought to the day in two thousand eight, but
    couldn't quite make it to a hundred and one!

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    I like it. Good thread.

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