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Thread: 2018 Prospect Mega Thread

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    I am hoping the Sox promote Houck to Portland and give him 1 start up there. Remember a lot of these A+ Players, are promoted players from A Ball. Love to see him get a Cup of Coffee with tougher competition. Give him idea, what the next step is.

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    De La Guerra will be 26 in Nov. and still in Double AA, he was demoted this year from Pawtucket. So not much for me to see here anymore. Wish we Traded this guy for Pearce and kept Espinal.
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    Travis with his 8th tater today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Cook View Post
    Travis with his 8th tater today.
    Kind of a let down for the season, right?

    Some had high expectations for Travis this year.

    To me, Ockimey has passed him.

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    Darwinzon Hernandez 6 IP 1 H 2 BB 0 ER 9 Ks

    ERA down to 3.56

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    Darwinzon Hernandez 6 IP 1 H 2 BB 0 ER 9 Ks

    ERA down to 3.56
    This kid is becoming a sleeper too. Last 10 games his ERA is 1.88, 52 innings, 39 hits, 74 K's. Walks a little high, 25 of them. He's also only allowed 1 HR the whole season, in 101 innings. Walks is his biggest problem.
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    I got my 2 Binkies for next year, 1 is Jarren Duran, and Alexander Montero. Saw both for Lowell, was impressed with both of them. Montero has a big league arm. He got hurt the night I saw him, and hasn't pitched again this year. Hope its not serious.

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