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Thread: 2018 Prospect Mega Thread

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    Cuevas with 7 IP and just 2 hits/ 1BB (0 ER)

    Ockimey walked 3 times (oh for 2)

    Jhonathan Diaz 7 IP and 4 hits/1BB (0 ER)

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    Futures Game on at 4 today on MLB Network.

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    Dalbec with his 23rd tater of the season today.

    Only one player in all of baseball has more rbiís Than dalbec .... JD Martinez.
    Pretty amazing.

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    My boy Reyes did it again 7 innings 2 hits. 0 BB's 0 Runs, 6 K's. Sox Prospects probably don't know who he is. ERA 1.79.

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    2-2 For Bobby D, up to .265.

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    I'm starting to think that the Red Sox will resign Bogaerts to a long term contract and that CJ Chatham will be moved to 2b and will be the eventual starter at that position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
    Time to start paying some serious attention to Josh Ockimey, if you haven't already. He's on the verge of earning himself a promotion to Pawtucket, and as we all know, once a prospect is in Pawtucket the team starts eyeing them for promotion to the big leagues. He seems like a line drive hitter who'll take some walks, and he's taken some steps forward with his power this year. We may see him starting to compete for starting time over the next 2 seasons with our incumbent first basemen.
    He replaces Moreland in 2020.

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    Ockimey has been very consistent from one level to the next. Dalbec has a higher ceiling, but Ockimey seems to have a much higher floor right now.

    2020 starter seems like a decent possibility.
    "Let's go!" - Joseph Kelly Jr

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