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Thread: Ft Myers Inependent Ling groups atworkouts

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    Ft Myers Inependent Ling groups atworkouts

    My athletic director at Barkley Place is interested in busing a few of us over to catch a spring training workout. Anyone of you know who she can call to get more specific information.?--thanks

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    Mal, My best guess is that if you call the number for the park and tell them who you are and what you want to do they'll accommodate you. I've found everyone at the park to be very friendly and helpful, especially to the (ahem) "geriatric group". They'd probably even allow the bus to drive nearer the fields rather than park in the lot.

    My experience in workout days (FWIW) is that there's no point in showing up too early - like before 9:00 am - and don't plan on staying past noon. Those players have tee-times, after all!

    And BTW, there's usually one concession stand and one souvenir shop open if anyone is so inclined.

    Good luck, my friend!
    It's a mere moment in a man's life between the All-Star game and the Old Timer's game.
    -Vin Scully

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    Thank you, Dewey! The last time I droe over there for a workout, I could hardly make it back to where I was parked. And I only visited one practice field, I stopped dring a couple of years ago, however, and can't make that mistake again! I

    I am totally fascinated by this Devers kid! I wish Papi was still around to give him a pat on the back now and then. I hope they get him signed long term. And he's just beginning!

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