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Thread: 2018 TalkSox Fantasy Baseball League -- Mike Grace Memorial League

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    That Robbie Ray/Berrios trade was a joke, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvp 78 View Post
    That Robbie Ray/Berrios trade was a joke, right?

    I just talked to the owners of both teams, and let them know that it is an unfair trade and that it will not be approved by any means.

    Said that it won't happen again. Seems like Bartolo Colon team's owner is kind of disappointed and put all his players available LOL!. I let him know that this is not how this works. I will try to help Bartolo Colon team to improve his performance and be more competitive. I think last year he did a decent tournament.
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    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonbay44 View Post
    I currently have Stanton, Altuve, Correa, Cruz and Dee Gordon on DL, and Mike Trout just got hurt as well.
    Cruz came back, but now I have Corey Seager and Yoan moncada likely hitting DL as well. This is absurd lol

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