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Thread: 2018 Yankee Season Game thread

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    Harper's issues are as much luck as roster construction. His BABIP is .208. That's incredibly low. His walk rate is up compared to last year because Zimmerman is down right now and cannot protect him. This is leading him to chase more out of the zone and seeing his K rate rise. Harper is trying too hard, is what it comes down to. Maybe they could stack he and Soto (although no manager likes to stack lefties) and give Harper some protection. That should help with getting him some strikes to swing at
    The rebuild is complete.

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    German dominated the Mís. The offense came out en force. Heck, even Sanchez made good contact (hardest hit ball this season was a line out). This German kid has sick stuff and when he locates, he will dominate. Hereís to hoping for more out of this kid going forward

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    Loaisiga gives us two infield dribbler singles to the speedy Gordon and Segura and gets out of it. I really like this kid

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    Stanton with his Yankee moment. Sanchez breaking out with a clutch bomb. The kid got roughed up a bit, but the team picked him up! Great win!

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    We started 5-6. We have gone 45-16 since, also known as a 120 win pace. Sevy wasnít good today, but he held in there. The pen was lights out again. Sweep of the hot Mís.

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