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Thread: Yankees Trade Rumors

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    Gray has value. His splits show he’s a damn good pitcher when he’s not in NY or BOS.

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    Then he might have more value for somebody else, if he can't pitch in Bos or NY he has half the value for us

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    I'm starting to think the Mets wait to the offseason to make a decision on Degrom. A new GM will be hired in the offseason and he will be responsible for deciding if the Mets rebuild or continue to try to compete. If the latter, the Mets have a very competitive rotation next year:

    You can win a World Series with that rotation. The Mets would need to make changes to their position players and upgrade the bullpen.

    I think the Yankees end up with Eovaldi. That sounds like Cashman's speed, a rotation upgrade who would allow the Yankees to hold on to their best young talent. I wonder who the Yankees would have to give up for Eovaldi? C.Adams and something else (but not Florial, Sheffield, or any young talent on the current roster)?
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    Eovaldi and Happ are killing their market right now. Both have been rocked of late. I wonder if coming out of the ASB is Sheffield will get a couple starts in German’s place. There’s a real chance the Yanks shore up the pen even further and leave the rotation in the hands of the four vets and a rotating kid. Cash is gonna do something for sure

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