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Thread: Aching for Orsillo

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    He also has the game on TBS on Sunday, but that will be blacked out in Boston and NY markets
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    I can't disagree with you

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    It would be way cool if he could have Remy in the booth for an inning.
    "Hating the Yankees like it's a religion since 94'" RIP Mike.

    "It's also a simple and indisputable fact that WAR isn't the be-all end-all in valuations, especially in real life. Wanna know why? Because an ace in run-prevention for 120 innings means more often than not, a sub-standard pitcher covering for the rest of the IP that pitcher fails to provide. You can't see value in a vacuum when a player does not provide full-time production."

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    Orsillo was great but he is now in San Diego, and we will never get him back.

    When the Sox ratings are low (like in 2017) even with a winning team, NESN needs to look hard at Mr. O'Brien. He just is not very good,
    and easily loses me as his audience to the point of turning off the volume and just watching the game with no commentary.

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