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Thread: 7/12 Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway

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    I really like it when a Sox pitcher gets them to hit his pitch, which means they don't hit it well and it becomes an out. Best way to get a short inning.

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    Beni is hitting .213 vs LHP. He should be hitting lower in the order vs lefties.

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    Price looking Great !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natick to NC View Post
    What a bunch of asleep players .
    Taking the good ones and swinging at the bad. Maybe the third time around. Tough, with a leadoff double and the top of the order up, we couldn't produce a run.

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    Skankees are hitting the Indians pitching.

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    Swihart should provide great protection for JD.
    The King of TalkSox has Spoken.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
    [T]he conclusion to be drawn is that there is no practical value in seeking this ideal lineup, and in that case any way in which it might be meaningfully termed "best" is irrelevant, academic at best, pedantic at worst
    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    Unlike hot streaks and clutch, the “Cliff” is a myth. It can’t be defined, and it’s future existence cannot be proved.

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    As great as the SOX record is this year, they're under .500 when they don't score the 1st run. 23-25 I believe.

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    Plenty of time to win this one, but do not play into Happ's hand and encourage the Yankees to trade for him. You could see Severino, CC and Happ in the final series at Fenway in sept. However, going into that series with a 4 game lead, then fuck'em.

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    Kluber’s shitting the bed tonight against the skankees.

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    For those of you who think Happ isn't a good pitcher, would you take him for Price?

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    Just do that ..quit trying to pull

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPLENDIDSPLINTER View Post
    For those of you who think Happ isn't a good pitcher, would you take him for Price?
    No next question

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    Quote Originally Posted by DontCallMeUncleRico View Post
    Why do we always get screwed on close plays like that? Mookie was safe.
    He looked out to me.

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    With Pearce intentionally drilled ( requiring payback by Joe Kelly later), the bench is now incredibly short . Maybe need to figure out how to deal with 12 pitchers , and get another position backup
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    Watch the refs keep the call on the field. These guys are a joke.

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