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Thread: 7/12 Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway

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    Quote Originally Posted by jung View Post
    That was truly ridiculous.

    If the hitter is just the right height and the pitcher has a particular release point that matches up to the hitter's view angle, the ball can look like it is coming out of the pitchers jersey or in Happ's case there I think more likely looked to Mookie like the ball is coming out of Happ's cap. It is a ridiculous disadvantage to the hitter and is actually scary at times. The ball is on you before you know it. To have worked his way out of that manner....I have actually never seen that before. And its not more than being old as dirt and seen tons of baseball either from a bench or TV or in the stands....for ME not to have seen something before....just ridiculous. Cherish that one folks. If there is ever something you may never see again....THAT's IT.
    Boys will focus at the awesomeness of the grand slam by Mookie after a 40+ pitch inning and the 13 pitch AB, but just a few old sea wolves in baseball will assess this, like you just did jung.

    This is the kind of posts that makes me come back to Talksox. Great take jung.

    Said that, it’s clear to me that I’m still just a boy, jung. LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    In the words of Don Corleone when he slaps a crying Johnny Fontaine: "Act like a man!" No, offense ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudboy View Post
    I love watching him run.

    He stung the ball twice tonight. Pillar made a good play on one of them.

    I am trying to think of the last time I saw a "catcher" with his speed.

    Probably Manny Sanguilian about 40 something years ago.
    He's really a great Athlete .The guy made two plays last night at first without batting an eye coming off the bag on a terrible throw and tagging runner and then the Fenway pop up that he had to back peddle from his original spot and made the play .when Eck said he's the fastest catcher in not only baseball today and he couldn't think of one faster from the past .The double was stung and that pillar play was special to Rob him off the grass...Pillar is really special playing at Fenway CF just tip your cap shake your head and move on.I know Blakes not an all star I just love that he's finally getting some playing time and making an impact .The team is really pulling for Blake he's a guy who you just won't find often who can man 3 infield positions and two OF .The guy is our developed draftee and we should all get excited when he does well.I would add Sandy and Vaz have made a great impact on the team but I'm excited if we do hold on to Blake and see his peak .We have a team that gets off the carpet and finds a way to win .Blake is the personification of the character it takes to get off the carpet and JBJ is showing us don't count on his demise at the plate he's about to hit his stride there .We no longer need bench help ,we no longer need a CF hitter we need to replace Pedey and if that's all we replace we just might find a way this year .Yes it would be ideal if we get An elite reliever and A Gennette .But if Brandon Philips can get energized and play elite at 2nd for a couple months ??? We may be right there already .
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    Who knows, maybe the Sox caught a big break hanging onto Swihart until he finally gets a chance to play.

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    This was in the end an unusual game. Happ and Price started out at opposite ends: Happ seemed unhittable and Price all too hittable. I was particularly critical of Price after that first inning 2 run dinger, but he quickly settled down and did not give up another run until the 7th.

    Happ ended up giving up 5 in the 4th before leaving the game with almost 100 pitches and something like a 42 pitch inning and and a 13 pitch at bat by Betts before the grand slam.

    But as I look back now I think both starters were victims of great swings by two opposing hitters. That 2 run dinger to center field in the 1st was off a changeup low in the zone, and the grandslam was off a 95 mph fastball right on the line or below the zone. Also, Happ was a victim in the 4th of variety of cheap hits and wasn't that the inning when the 2B took his foot off 2b too soon so Bogie was safe?

    Jung is absolutely right that the key to Betts at bat was fighting off a succession of pretty darn good pitches from Happ.

    Agree too with those singling out Swihart who right now is vindicating all those--but not me--who wanted him playing more earlier in the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellhorn04 View Post
    Who knows, maybe the Sox caught a big break hanging onto Swihart until he finally gets a chance to play.
    Gee, who would have thought that the Sox weren't giving him a chance to prove how good he really is?

    I know it's a SSS & all, but after last month/week I feel like I'm 2 for 2. JBJ AND Swihart.
    It's a mere moment in a man's life between the All-Star game and the Old Timer's game.
    -Vin Scully

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    They are both on fire, very impressive.

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    I never understood the rush to get rid of Swihart. A switch hitting catcher , with speed who can play other positions . Seems like a useful guy to keep around. Looks like Dombrowski agreed. Good thing.

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