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Thread: A Realistic View at 2019: Part I

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    Quote Originally Posted by notin View Post
    No. We’re talking about Moe Lester. Keep up!!
    It's late - i'm stumbling - got confused Do you mean Noless Nomore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitch View Post
    They might not be there this year, but the Padres are looking pretty damn good for the future.
    you might be right but I am certainly glad that I don't have to watch his antics 18 or so times this season. Good luck to the Padres. California could use some good news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    So, I guess no reset.

    We can all chip in $100.

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    Trade JBJ & Vaz for a low cost 5th starter.
    Do not resign FAs to be Porcello, Nunez, Holt and Thornburg

    33 Sale
    31 Price
    ~28M Betts (last arb)
    ~23M Bogey (re-sign)
    22 JDM
    17 Eovaldi
    14 Pedey

    $168M in 7 players

    ~7 ERod (3rd of 4 arbs)
    ~4 Beni (1st of 3)
    ~3 Barnes (2 of 3)
    ~2 Hembree (2 of 3)
    ~2 Wright (3rd of 3)
    ~2 Leon (4th of 4)
    ~2 Swihart (2 of 4)

    add $22M
    add $15M player benefits

    $205M Total for 14 players under contract and projected arbs.

    The 2020 luxury tax line is $208M.

    Even with all the rest of the team at min wage and minor league salaries, we can't keep Sale, Bogey & Betts and reset in 2020.

    It won't get easier in 2021, when Betts gets his big payday.

    The only way I can see it happen, is if Pedey retires and gives up his money or agrees to a lifetime services contract to offset his budget hit.
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