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Thread: 2019 Yankees Season Thread

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    Good to see JMont back. Will be better to see him healthy through a full offseason and coming into spring. Throwing his usual 91-92, but everything it hanging high.

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    Sevy is back tonight. Likely gonna see some rust, but the Angels are also rolling out a lineup sans Trout, Upton and Ohtani.
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Very encouraging from Sevy tonight. First inning jitters showed with a lack of command of the slider. Got out of it with a DP then cruised through 3 more shutout innings. The last 3 were pretty nasty. 97mph fastballs, sliders that dropped off the table and a changeup that was nastier than I remember.

    With Sevy back and showing his A game stuff and Betances back showing dynamite movement although a tick below his usual, I think the Yanks are finally rounding into form at the right time. Paxton, Tanaka, Severino, and German is a pretty solid top 4 if all are throwing well. A pen with Betances, Kahnle, Britton, Ottavino, and Chapman ain't bad either. Stanton returns either tomorrow of Thursday. Sanchez is expected back for the POs and EE might be back next week. This deep team is gonna be a tough out!
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Great outing for Severino, far more than what I expected. I hope he doesn't overthrow and injures himself trying to be in top form to fast. Its ok to push for it a little, but hope it keeps the foot in the break for a little more before he goes full force, still three weeks for playoffs.

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    The way it matches out, he should start twice more, with the final being the last game of the year. That should get him to 100 pitches

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    Giancarlo Stanton = The Cooler.

    (Just kidding.)
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    The guy can hit. He also has a pretty reasonable history of playing average to slightly above average defense. He just couldn't stay healthy. If he is healthy now and can play full time in the OF for the POs, that is a huge boost.
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Severino has come back on a mission. If heís healthy, and not worn down from a seasonís worth of work, he could be quite the asset for us come October. He should be anywhere from 90-100 pitches come his first post season start

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    I was expecting Severino back, but never dreamed of anything close to his performance so far, hope he can keep it all the way to October

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    He looks vintage. 98 with a dominant slider and his change looks really good. With Paxton absolutely dominant of late and Tanaka being ready for the postseason, our top 3 might be able to rival most top 3ís

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