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Thread: 2019 Yankees Season Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by notin View Post
    When your problem is too many injuries, Cameron Maybin is not the cure.

    What’s the logic here? Grab one of the most injury-prone guys in the league and hope he takes the injury meant for another player?
    Hes a body. Hes essentially a poor mans JBJ. Good defense, good speed, no bat. If we are going to have a stiff on the squad it might as well be someone who can play defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    Hes shown more than a ridiculously unlucky and injury plagued yea. Youll see. Hell drop 30 bombs on the season this year and be the best offensive catcher in baseball.
    Rather prescient at the 1/3 mark
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Were the kings of jumping out to a lead and allowing teams to come back. Wtf

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