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Thread: 2019 Yankees Game Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkzwhitestrican View Post
    No baseball on a Friday night, this is some bullshit
    Yeah, it's a massive killjoy, especially after such a good opener. I had the same withdrawals last year on the Friday after the Sox home opener, especially since I was in Boston for a conference and could've very easily gone to a game
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    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    Hitting the ball with his nose was the best contact Pedroia has made in 3 games. Who needs Pedey, we have Brock Holt.

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    Today is James Paxtons debut. He was dominant in the spring yet the exhibitions are over and the bright lights are on him. Couldnt have picked a softer matchup vs the Os. Going by lineup and rotation and with the division theyre in, the Os might break the Mets record for losses. Hope to see another W!

    With CC suspended and then expected to new 10 more days on the IL, and then considering that we probably want to line up vs the Astros, the projected rotation IMO is as such

    Today- Paxton vs Os
    Tomorrow- Happ vs Os
    4/1- German vs Tigers
    4/2- Tanaka vs Tigers (CC suspension ends after this game, placed on IL- Loaisiga called up)
    4/3- Loiasiga vs Tigers
    4/4- Paxton vs Os
    4/5- Off
    4/6- Happ vs Os
    4/7- German vs Os
    4/8- Tanaka vs Astros
    4/9- Loaisiga vs Astros
    4/10- Paxton vs Astros
    4/11- off
    4/12- Happ vs CWS
    4/13- Tanaka vs CWS
    4/14- German vs CWS
    4/15- off
    4/16- Paxton vs Red Sox
    4/17- Happ vs Red Sox
    4/18- Tanaka vs Royals
    4/19- Sabathia vs Royals (CC returns off IL)
    4/20- Ger/Loa/Gio vs Royals
    4/21- Paxton vs Royals
    4/22- Happ vs Angels
    4/23- Tanaka vs Angels
    4/24- Sabathia vs Angels
    4/25- Ger/Loa/Gio vs Angels
    4/26- Paxton vs Giants
    4/27- Happ vs Giants
    4/28- Tanaka vs Giants
    4/29- off
    4/30- Sabathia vs DBacks
    5/1- Paxton vs DBacks
    5/2 off
    5/3- tentative Sevy return

    Granted, this requires good health and no rain outs, which is not likely in NYC in april. That being said, this alignment would ensure German starts 3 games and Loaisiga starts 2 before CC and Gio enter the mix. Of those 5 games, only 1 is a poor matchup with Loaisiga seeing the Astros. If we utilize the off days to push back that 5 spot after CC returns, we only see 2 more starts and theyre against the Royals and Angels, two teams not expected to be very good. We might be able to dodge this ill rotation health here

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    Squeaker from LeMahieu and the Yanks take the lead!

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    Sanchez with the bad throw and the Os lead

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    I have literally heard of three Orioles starting today, Mancini, Rickard and Villar. I have no idea who the rest of these guys even are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonbay44 View Post
    I have literally heard of three Orioles starting today, Mancini, Rickard and Villar. I have no idea who the rest of these guys even are.
    Even those names sucks. No more Jones, Machado, Wieters. The team is unidentifiable.

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    Offense really just disappeared vs the Os opener plus. Defense not good with 2 unearned runs so far. Really just got handled today by a team of nobodies

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    Orioles on the verge of choking a 5- 1 lead?

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    Man the orioles are pathetic .

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    other names i have posted under: none

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slasher9 View Post
    Lol. Stanton is terrible in a big spot.

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    A deserving loss. Aside from Paxton it was a poor showing all around.

    Also Boone please bat Gardner 9th.

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    Another managing snafu from Boone. Youre down 3-1 in the top of the 9th against a team that you should score against. Instead of bringing in a fresh reliever, you try to pull a second inning out of Holder. Granted, his defense did him no favors, but the 2 run addition by the Orioles was predictably followed by a 2 run inning by the Yanks. No guarantee that the Yanks score 2 if the game was 3-1 entering the 9th, but youve got a fresh pen and youre down late and close against a team likely to lose 120 games. You need to limit the Os and then give the offense a shot down 2 in the 9th. This doesnt excuse our 2 UER and our offense going in the tank, but it doesnt help when your manager pushes the wrong buttons late. This game should be going to the 10th

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    It's very comforting to know you guys are handicapped by Aaron the Doofus.
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    Id understand a second inning if he went to Cessa, as hes a starter. I dont get trying to get a second inning from a one inning reliever. Also, were coming off a day off and are likely heading to a rain out tomorrow.

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