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Thread: A Realistic View at 2019: Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmi View Post
    Red Sox fans are ready for an exciting finish.

    The Sox are going to shock the world.

    Harmony, be prepared to be shocked!
    I'm afraid the real shock may be to optimistic fans like you. I'm starting to think that the Sox won't even make it into the postseason. They just don't have it this season. I didn't think they would struggle like this, but I don't see any signs that they are going to suddenly start hitting on all cylinders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S5Dewey View Post
    This is what drives me nutso about WAR, and dWAR in particular. There has to be a formula for determining what a replacement player is and essentially nobody knows what it is. We don't even know the benchmark.

    In addition the formula for calculating WAR is so long-winded that again essentially nobody knows how to calculate it. For all we know someone may be just throwing a bunch of numbers at us and we (or some of us) are buying into it.

    And I don't care what anybody says, when someone is rating something the result is subjective.
    It is subjective to a large degree, but I trust a subjective analysis by a group of unbiased, trained and calibrated people who watch every play of every game vs myself, who only watches Sox games and the players we face on those particular game days.

    I'm not saying I will always agree with their numbers 100%, but I'll believe them over any single person, including myself.

    If they have JBJ ranked 24th on defense this year, I may scratch my head, but I can't say I am certain they are wrong, because I don't know how good the other 23 guys are. I know enough to think 10-12 might be better in any given year, but some of the others I don't know jack about and may never have seen them make one play- let alone enough plays to make a definitive judgement.

    I'm satisfied with their 3 year ranking, which is what they recommend we use for comparative judgments.
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