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Thread: 7/2 @ Toronto

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    VAZ makes it 3-0 SOX. I'm so sick and tired of these lazy ass pop fly balls from Beni.
    The Bruins, Pats & Red Sox. Thatís all.

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    I hope the BJ's manager doesn't take Thornton out.

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    3-0 good guys. I like that start.

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    That 3rd run is the one that catches my attention. They were one out away from having a guy on 2nd with no outs and not getting him home and they got him home. 3-0 instead of 2-0 even in the 1st inning changes the whole complexion of the game even this early. Depending on the makeup of the opponent you either force them to try to dink and dunk their way back into the game or blast their way back into it.

    4-0 even better.

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    Jackie is swinging the bat so well right now.
    The Bruins, Pats & Red Sox. Thatís all.

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    Good start to the game. Lets hope it goes better than Sunday.

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    I’m gonna celebrate this start by the eating of some chicken fingers.

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    Good inning. DP needs to give us 7 solid innings.

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    Letís see if they can get some good starting pitching.

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    Although Betts' BA is nothing to write home about, his OBP of .382 I'm guessing is one of the best for lead off hitters in the AL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YastrzemskI View Post
    Anyone else already nervous about the pen tonight?
    Would be nice if they can sweep this team after losing a series to them.

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    now that's a productive first wouldn't you say?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Station 13 View Post
    now that's a productive first wouldn't you say?
    yes sir indeed

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    RIP Tyler Skaggs, so very sad never take life for granted

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    walks drive me nuts,far too many this year by Sox pitchers

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