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Thread: Happy 4th of July game vS The Blue Jays

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    Pitching from way back when benefited 1 billion percent from zero technology checking the umps. Pitchers now are better.
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    Eck said something interesting about the proliferation of arm injuries. He says that he thinks it is from the obsession with velocity --balls to the wall high velo from pitch 1. OB asked him about Nolan Ryan throwing hard for so many years and Eck attributed to the use of Ryan's legs -- thus taking the strain off his arm. Today, with the advanced mechanics, kids are incorporating a tremendous amount of torque and extension in their deliveries, putting all the strain on the arm and elbow. My Great Nephew who is committed to UConn in 2020 and likely to get drafted that year is getting this instruction now. At 17, he can sit around 89-90, and he has been told that when they make a few adjustments, he will kick up 5 mph. It's all about torque today. When he was 15, he strained his lat. I didn't see it, but his Dad told me that it really swelled up. Eck also mentioned that Ryan short-armed the ball as compared to the throwers of today. I found that interesting, because my Great Nephew told me recently that a coach has been trying to get him to be shorter instead of so-extended. IDK about any of this because I could never throw harder than 75 mph so instructors weren't giving me tips or coaching. I have no doubt that the advanced bio-mechanics while increasing the velocity also increases the wear and tear on the arm, causing more injuries and surgeries.

    Last year Sale was throwing 92-94/95 when in May he made an adjustment and he was hitting 100 mph from his first pitch. I can remember wondering if his slight frame could stand up to throwing so consistently hard. After the All Star break, his arm was a noodle.
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    Chaim, you are in the big leagues now. Drawing 10,000 fans a game is not going to cut it, and people donít buy tickets to Fenway to talk about the Farm

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