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Thread: 7/07 SOX @ Detroit

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    7/07 SOX @ Detroit

    D.Price vs G. Soto

    MC Hammer

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    Is G. Soto related to D. Soto?

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    Price pitching. Easy win.

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    Well this should be interesting. Soto throws nothing balls at 98, flat as a pancake. We should crush him if he is out there for any amount of time. Maybe he is just an "opener", an abhorrent travesty if I ever saw one.

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    The rocket ship's afterburners ran out of fuel on Mookie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jung View Post
    The rocket ship's afterburners ran out of fuel on Mookie.
    It's a HR in about 26 other parks.

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    Mookie and Xander hit the ball pretty hard.

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    Not a good start

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    Not the way you wanna start a game. Wanna finish on a high note.

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    Come on price. Don’t shit the bed.

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    What the hell is with this umpire

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    That was a strike Miggy Popless.

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    After 2 previous rain delays the SOX have the human rain delay on the mound.

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    They’re making price work.

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    What are the Tigers arguing about? It was clearly a strike lol

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