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Thread: 7/12 Dodgers @ Boston

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    I hope this clown Rodriguez settles down.

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    It was the Dodgers who took Theo's mistakes (Crawful, A-Gone, and Beckett) a few years back. Hard to hate them for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscars View Post
    Dever’s power is unreal.
    He didn't even square it up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerD View Post
    I see we are winning! Just went out to get rice if anyone cares.

    Honeydew Chore huh

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    It's the baseball folks

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    So there ya' go....he didn't even swing at that. Gone....way back over the bulge in the RF fence. Ridiculous!

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    damn slider that forgot to slide

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    The lead didn't last long....nice job by Erod.

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    EROD sucks against LH batters

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmaninthevegasdesert View Post
    only can listen tonight
    I'm surprised with that too. Las Vegas is 250+ miles from LA, I'm over 100 miles south and the Dodgers have a total crap network but MLB lets them shut out games originating in Boston. The Dodgers do suck mightily.

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    Fuck this clown.

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    lol atmospheric conditions favoring the hitter he says

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    Hope we get those bats going tonight.

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