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Thread: Hi from Edinburgh, Scotland

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    Hi from Edinburgh, Scotland

    Been a baseball fan off and on since about 12 when my bro used to send me back Cardinals shirts from Illinois. Now Im an old git and following the Sox the last few years although I must admit I do still take an interest in the Cards also I catch most of the games on mlbtv which is pretty good as I can select NESN coverage with Remdog and Eck etc. Had to mute the London fiasco due to it being blacked out and coverage from Fox (garbage) and ESPN (even more garbage Hopefully heading over for a game in Sep to Fenway and glad to join the forum, cheers !

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    Hi. Too bad you don't catch us in a better mood here LOL
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    Haha yes, just watched the Fri night game at the Skanks this morning..... keep telling myself we can turn it around but times running out. Should be interesting whatever happens

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