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Thread: 9/29 O's @ SOX 3:05PM EST

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    There were a few high points, but they took us right out of the race in April.
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    Chaim, you are in the big leagues now. Drawing 10,000 fans a game is not going to cut it, and people don’t buy tickets to Fenway to talk about the Farm

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    Unlike hot streaks and clutch, the “Cliff” is a myth. It can’t be defined, and it’s future existence cannot be proved.

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    Nice end to the season, despite ERod missing out on 20 wins.

    The Sox went 26-8 in ERod's starts this year.

    They went 19-4 last year.

    That's an amazing 45-12 for a 79% winning percentage!
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    Extend Erod or Trade for a Haul ? I'm for trading high on this player let's cash in .

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    This was a tough season, and I say that with chagrin because the glow of 2018 should still be with us. Instead, it made our expectations higher because basically the same team returned with what is still a very good lineup. This time, however, the pitching never was there, which is demonstrated by the Sox having a losing record at Fenway and a winning record on the road.

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