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Thread: Mookie for Joc Peterson plus

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    Mookie for Joc Peterson plus

    2 top minor league arms .Get Genette for 2b or DiDi .Keep JDM make him permanent DH like papi .Trade Travis ,JBJ ,Barnes . Bullpen backend is Evo in 8th and Workman 9th along with a promotion or FA reliever for middle .I think the whole under the cap is BS .How many millions have been lost on concessions alone with no playoffs ? How many jerseys won’t be sold this winter Tee shirts hats ??? Millions and millions of revenue flushed .Now is not the time to go small .I would offer Mookie at most 280 million and would trade him before he walked out the building if he refused it .Too bad so sad bye Bye boooooo hoooo Mookie !! We will be just fine without spending that on one player .

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    No one wants to face reality the guy is gone .Make up your own proposal ? Let's get the hot stove fired up

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    According to one website, Mookie Betts has a surplus value of $51.4 million with one year of team control while Joc Pederson has a surplus value of $12.1 million with two years of team control:

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    Joc Peterson is a platoon guy with the Dodgers. He generally is not in the lineup against left handlers. How would would his swing fare in Fenway? Can he hit the ball the other way and take advantage of the monster? Or does his hrs die on the warning track in Fenway? I don’t know if he would be an every day guy. You would have to find a right handed bat to pair with him in RF. A lot would also depend on who else you get with him. If a controllable starter was part of the package.

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