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Thread: Hicks to have Tommy John

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    Hicks to have Tommy John

    Seriously, the injury bug is just hammering us into next season, lol. FML. So be it. He was recommended to get it in August, but wasn't willing to do it if he could gut it out for the POs. He single handedly won game 5 vs Verlander, so it isn't like we didn't need him. So be it. See you in June!
    The rebuild is complete.

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    This likely shifts Tauchman into a FT role in CF. Stanton in LF with Frazier and Judge in RF. Gardner is just falling into our hands again. Looks like we may need him
    The rebuild is complete.

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    steroids cause injuries.
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    It's okay, we still have Ellsbury. And I bet he's plenty fresh after that 33 month hiatus!

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    I'm guessing this means one more year for Gardner

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