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Thread: First semi-Blockbuster of the off-season

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    First semi-Blockbuster of the off-season

    San Diego sent top prospect Luis Urias and SP Eric Lauer to Milwaukee for SP Zach Davies and OF (and play-in game goat) Trent Grisham.

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    The Padres sold low on Urias, he is a very good player who didn't have good luck the first time in the majors, they probably saw something on him and decided to sold now before it loses all the value

    In baseball trade values it gives:
    Lauer SP 16.5
    Urias 2B 55.2
    Total 71.7

    Davies SP 0.8
    Grisham OF 8.8
    Total 9.6

    I know those values are for reference only but it looks very stupid for the Padres

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    The Padres took now production in Davies over promise in Lauer. They gave up a lot, but Davies in their park will be a very solid contributor

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