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Thread: Yankees 2020 Draft

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    Yankees 2020 Draft

    Only 3 picks this year due to stupid COVID 19 and after the Yanks signed Cole.

    So pick 1 is Austin Wells. For those of you who have seen my draft recaps the last few years, you know I didn’t like the last two first round selections. They were “sum of their parts” guys who needed the bat to rise to be a starter. Well, I LOVE this pick. This guy can absolutely rake. He’s probably not a catcher due to a below average arm for the position, but he’s athletic and will likely be a corner OFer or 1b. It’s really hard to train up an athlete and teach them to hit. It’s way easier to fit a masher into another position, especially when they’re a good enough athlete to be average at a few positions that aren’t necessarily defensively crucial. The comp is Schwarber, although a bit more of an athlete. A lefty power stroke added to a system really devoid of big power beyond a couple guys.
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Hopefully he stays healthy. If so I can see his bat carrying him to the bigs within two or three years. Unless he sucks.

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    We always seem to pick the well rounded player in the first round who doesn’t have enormous baseball skill. I want power or insane contact skill from a hitter or power and insane movement from a pitcher. I’m glad we got a big bat here

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    Trevor Hauver 3rd rounder from ASU. Batted after Torkelson. The guy can mash. He’s more athletic than Wells and will be developed as a 2b, but played COF as a Sun Devil. Again, weird change of Yankee philosophy. We had been going athletes and college arms in the top 10. Now we’ve gone two guys who have great hit and power tools without any chops defensively. I love it. Have bat, will play

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