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Thread: Lindor and Carrasco to the Mets

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    Quote Originally Posted by notin View Post
    Of course Im now reading the Mets have maybe $15mill left in the budget, which, along with the acquisition of Carrasco, probably means they wont move on Bauer.

    Which of course leaves the question OK, so who does?
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    A great trade for the Mets. I would normally think the Indians could get more for Lindor, but there are only a few teams in baseball that can pay Lindor 300 million. And with the Dodgers giving all that money to Betts, and the Yankees giving all that money to Cole, they were less likely to give out another enormous contract. With so few teams willing to sign Lindor to a long term deal, the Mets took advantage and acquired Lindor without giving up a significant player in return.

    With that said, Gimenez is an elite defensive SS. While the Indians will miss Lindor's bat at SS, Gimenz can play the position as well as anyone in baseball. And maybe Rosario turns into a better player when the Indians move him to another position, perhaps 2b or 3b or the OF.

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