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Thread: Yankees 2021 Season Thread

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    He was injured just recently. However, tests were negative (no structural damage) and it was just inflammation. My guess: the Pirates will take it slow with him and he will not see the majors this year. He should get some time in the majors next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    You weakened your farm considerably (and for what?). You are spinning this with the redundancy talk.

    I prefer future top 100's than former.

    Plus, I said "may have" not "have."
    Yankees system is so deep bro. Josh Smith is the only one they will miss and they have 3 or 4 guys above him on the charts. Can't play with a 80 man roster. Might as well get something of value before they leave for 50k in the rule 5 draft

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    Rizzo has been awesome!

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