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Thread: Don't you have to get behind them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    This doesn't explain the Pedro always being injured statement.

    1998 33 GS 217 IP
    1999 31 GS 213 IP
    2000 29 GS 217 IP
    2001 18 GS 117 IP
    2002 30 GS 199 IP
    2003 29 GS 187 IP
    2004 33 GS 217 IP

    He may not have led the league in IP, any year, but putting in over 29 starts and 199 in 6 of 7 years with the Sox is hardly being injured a lot.

    He was 25th in GS'd from 1998-2004.

    He was 15th in IP'd in those 7 Sox years.

    Sorry that was explaining Jim Rice.

    The subject was around favorite player, and my feelings on that subject were colored by the games I actually went to moreso than watched on tv or read about in the paper in the late 90s and early 2000s. A coworker was a season ticket holder, and I'd buy 7-10 games worth a year in that period from him. I think I went to 3 Pedro games in all, and in each one he was playing through injury and wasn't very effective. There were 2-3 more that he was supposed to be the starter in but didn't appear. That's what I meant by always injured - I meant it in a very subjective sense. I realize it was just my bad luck to never catch Pedro at his best. Contrast that with Nomar, who I got to watch have some sizzling games. I even saw Juan Pena dominate lol.

    Sadly I don't go to games anymore. Maybe I can turn that around this year.

    PS: I did get to see the "mother's day miracle" against Baltimore... and I think the last game I saw in that time period they scored 20+ runs against a Marlins team that would win it all that year.
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