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Thread: A Realistic View at 2021: Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    According to just 2021 positional WAR rankings, here are our weakest to strongest positions:

    Red= best of top 4 ALE teams
    Blue= worst of top 4

    15th 1B -0.6 (TOR 1, TBR 7, NYY 10)
    10th RF +0,6 (TBR 1, TOR 3, NYY 7)

    9th C +0.5 (TB 1, NYY 3, TOR 13)
    8th LF +0.8 (TBR 2, TOR 5, NYY 13)
    8th 2B +0.8 (TOR 1, NYY 5, TBR 9)
    7th CF +1.4 (TBR 8, TOR 11, NYY 13)
    3rd DH +1.9 (TBR 6, NYY 9, TOR 12)
    3rd 3B +1.9 (TBR 4, NYY 8, TOR 11)
    1st SS +3.2 (TOR 5, NYY 8, TBR 12)

    With all the movements in OF, I'm thinking it's better to go to OF category for someone like Verdugo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvp 78 View Post
    History shows he's a 4.5+ ERA guy. The last two starts are just him regressing to his career norms. Does Pivetta have more regression to do as well? Harder to say because he doesn't have Perez's track record. Richards' overall numbers are relatively in line with last season. Hard to project him because of his lengthy injury history. Nate is keeping his HR/FB down from career norms, but I don't know if that can continue.

    ERod may be the only guy in the rotation due some positive regression!
    Yes, Pivetta is the hard one to call. He's always had nasty stuff and poor control, but there were hopes he could turn it around and make himself into a better and more consistent pitcher. The jury is still out on him.

    Perez was more of a "known," but that does not mean he can not become a better overall pitcher and stay that way for a while, but yes, he was expected to regress closer to his norm. Let's hope he can stay around 4.00 to 4.20 the rest of the way.

    Richards was also a big unknown- mostly concerning his health, not his skillset, except to wonder if all the injuries and missed time permanently lowered his abilities. Again, another "jury still out".

    ERod and Eovaldi were always our best bets for having a good to great 2021 season. Eovaldi's health has always been the main issues, and knock on wood, he seems to be on his way to his first full season in a long time. How good he can be is another question. ERod's COVID issue made him another wild card, and he still falls in that category.

    Sale coming back at somewhat of a strong ability is likely our best hope to get somewhere, this fall.
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