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Thread: 2021 Yankee Prospect Thread

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    2021 Yankee Prospect Thread

    You have no idea how good it feels to post this after a 600 day layoff. Fuck Covid. Great to see the games back on.

    The Yanks changed their affiliations.

    AAA- SWB
    AA- Somerset
    A+ Hudson Valley
    A- Tampa

    For AAA today, Luke Voit got two hits. Pitching was mostly big league talent in Montgomery, Nelson and Goody. They lost 5-2. Other than Voit, Gittens had 2 hits and no other real prospect was involved at all.

    For AA, Florial went deep, but K'd twice. A career minor leaguer hit a double and a bomb to pace the team. Luis Gil threw 3.2 shutout innings with 6K's. He will likely not be in AA for long

    For A+, Luis Medina was great. 4 shutout innings, 1 hit, 8K, 2BB's. If he can prove he can reign it in and keep the ball near the zone, he will move fast. His stuff is stupid good. The offense sucked

    For A, big game for the last 2 drafts. Volpe with a double and a triple, 3 walks, 2SB and 3 runs. Wells 2 for 4 with 2 walks and a homer. Trevor Hauver went 3 for 4 with 2HR, 2 walks and 3 driven in. Matt Sauer came back from TJS and threw 3.1 shutout innings with 1 hit allowed and 6K. Downside was 3 walks in that time.
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    Hauver hit another homer. Volpe and Wells crushed again. Tampa put up a 19 spot.

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    Tampa put up 10. Hauver went deep again. 3 games, 8-10, 1 double, 4 homers, 6 walks. Volpe 3 for 5 with another double. That offense is banging.

    Andujar hit a couple homers as SWB put up 17, but Garcia was awful on the bump

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    Tampa has scored 25 runs today. Hauver didnt play. Volpe still dominating. Florial hit a couple bombs today
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    More hope in the minors than majors?
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    More hope in the minors than majors?
    Nah, Yanks are still division winners by end of year IMO. We shall see, but I love minor league baseball and not having it last year contributed to the depression of 2020.

    Tampa scored 12 yesterday. Theyíre 5-0 and have scored 77 runs in the first 5 games. Hauver took game 4 off, but came back and hit his fifth homer yesterday. Heís hitting .643 with an OPS over 2.500 in 4 games with 12RBI.

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    Low A Tampa lost 4-1 today, but Hauver hit his sixth HR in 5 games.

    Luis Medina threw 5 shutout innings in A+ ball today. In his 2 starts he has thrown 9 shutout innings with 2H, 4BB and 15K. His stuff is absolutely silly. If he is starting to locate it, he will fly through the system. Peraza went 4 for 6 to correct his average up to .269 (really slow start prior), but he stole 2 more bases. He has 7 steals in 5 games

    Florial his his 4th HR on the early season and has started to cut down on the K's and increase the walks in the early going. Luis Gil followed up a dominant opening day start with a clunker

    Voit hit his 3rd HR for AAA today in what will amount to his final game there. Gittens hit his second bomb to increase his bonkers OPS on the young season to 1.581. Gittens reminds me a lot of Voit. Later draft pick, enormous physical specimen with light tower power who has slowly plodded along through the system. I think he is the next in line once Voit progresses back to the bigs as I think the bloom is off the rose with Ford. The AAA team right now is essentially a bunch of washed up former big leaguers or AAAA guys who are throwaways. As the season progresses, I expect a lot of these guys to move on and the real prospects behind them to start moving forward
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    Garcia goes another 5 innings without an earned run. Last two starts, 10IP 5H 2BB 16K 0ER. His issue has been the walls, so if he really cements himself as someone who can locate that solid arsenal, he will force his way back to NY

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    Medina, Otto, and Hauver had great days today as did Wells and a few others.

    For those of you who think a player is having a good start to the minor league season, look up Hauver and Medinaís seasons. Hauver has a 1.398OPS to start the year with 6 bombs. Medina has allowed 5H in 18.1IP with 32K.

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    Ken Waldichuk. Look at the numbers. 5th rounder in 2019, missed 2020 due to covid. Is now in High A. He has thrown 18.2 shutout innings, 8 hits, 8 walks, 38K. The kid should probably move up
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    30.2 shutout innings for Waldichuk. 55K, 13BB, 12H. Thatís insanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    30.2 shutout innings for Waldichuk. 55K, 13BB, 12H. Thatís insanity.
    Maybe we can get him on rule 5, someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    Maybe we can get him on rule 5, someday.
    Now thatís funny

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    Deivi Garcia was absolutely awful in his last start. 4 walks in 1/3 an inning. His delivery is a mess.

    Luis Gil and Luis Medina were both promoted for today. Gil didnít do well at AAA, Medina was good in AA.

    Tampa is where the O is at with Volpe, Wells, Hauver et al smashing balls. Those guys will likely be in High A soon

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    Care to list your top 10 yankees prospects?

    1. Dominguez

    2. Peraza

    3. Schmidt

    4. Volpe

    5. Garcia

    6. Medina

    7. Wells

    8. Pereira

    9. Sweeney

    10. Vargas

    I think our biggest need is starting pitching. We have a lot of 3, 4, and 5 guys but not too many guys who could be a top of the rotation guy even on a good night. We are very deep up the middle though

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