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Thread: 2021 Yankee Prospect Thread

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    Volpe jumps Dominguez in latest rankings. The 20 yr old slick fielding SS has absolutely destroyed minor league pitching in his debut season. Overall line of .305/.438/.617 with 20HR and 28 steals between A and A+. With his solid showing in High A, very strong chance he starts 22 in AA and may be a big league option if he continues to mash. He's got a great glove, arm is average, so a lot of scouts seem to think 2b will be his long term home.
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    I love our top 5. I still really believe in Schmidt. I am not high on Medina at all. I think Garcia is better than what he is now, idk whats wrong with him but im not high on him. I do think he could be an excellent set up man or a good closer. I love Vargas, I think he'll be a top 75 prospect next year. I really like Pereira too. My sleeper pick that won't get graded high but could be a nice piece is Lockridge. Sauer too. I hope they protect Sands in the rule 5 draft or trade him away for something. Next draft I am hoping a pitcher falls to them.

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    I think Medina ends up as a closer. He would be entirely dominant

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    Volpe and Dominguez have been getting all the pub, but the rest of the system (even after the trades) has been rising up.

    Starting in A ball Tampa.

    2021 1st rounder Trey Sweeney has an OPS of .953 in his debut, with 3 bombs, 3 steals, and a .426OBP in 16 games.

    2021 4th rounder Cooper Bowman has an OPS of .925 across two levels with 3HR and 8 doubles in 17 games.

    2021 5th rounder Tyler Hardman has an OPS of .851 across two levels with 2 bombs in 16 games

    20 yr old Anthony Garcia made his long season debut on Sunday. He had a 1.156OPS in rookie ball this year. In his first two games, he has already homered and walked 3 times. He is a mammoth switch hitter with top of the charts power

    Jasson Dominguez has held his own in A ball as an 18 yr old, but hasnt taken off as hoped. Will likely see high A ball next year, but they are content taking it slow

    High A

    2019 3rd rounder Jake Sanford has quietly been really good. 12 HRs, OPS over .800. Consistent numbers between A and A+ ball around his promotion. Ceiling likely not too high, although when drafted he had a plus power rating.

    Austin Wells dominated A ball then came up to High A and was lighting it up. Unfortunately he has been in a couple weeks long slump that dropped his High A OPS under .700. On the whole, a successful 2021 and surprising speed (12HR and 12 SB)

    Oswald Peraza has put up a solid season for a guy known for his slick glove. 13HR's 31 SB's .828 OPS across two levels as a 21 yr old. He is the Yanks #3 prospect for a reason and now not farm from the bigs

    Oswaldo Cabrera has shown a surprising mix of power and speed for a guy also known for his glove work. 17HR, 12SB. .779 OPS mostly weighted by his SLG as he just does not walk. He is a switch hitter who turned 22 at the outset of the season

    Josh Breaux was the 1st round supp pick right after bust Anthony Seigler. Known for his bat more for his glove, he hasn't disappointed. He is likely to be a Schwarber type when he hits the bigs. 2nd string catcher, DH, 1B type, but he can mash. 21 HR in 80 games to this point. .821OPS across 2 levels, but has a clear aversion to walking. Will need to improve his eye to be useful as a starter to someone
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    Guys who have INSANE ceilings continued.

    20 yr old SS Anthony Volpe- Across A and A+. Stat line is stupid. .294/.423/.604 in 412 AB. 27HR, 33SB. I have read some scouting articles on him that paint him more as a 2b. Has a solid physical build, but they think he is so physically "solid" in the legs that he will be a better fit for 2b long term. Bat is exceptional. Power unexpected. Speed has been awesome. Will start next year in AA and might even be an option for the Yanks by mid season next year.

    21 yr old SS Oswald Peraza- .297/.358/.483 stat line with 17HR and 36SB. Slick fielder who should have the chops to stick at SS, but also shows capability to be a super utility player. Bat to ball skills are good and power a bit unexpected this year for someone so young. Fast as lightning as well. He is in AA now and should start 22 in SWB and be the first guy called up should there be a MIF injury.

    22 yr old UTIL Oswaldo Cabrera- .256/.311/.492 with 24HR and 20SB. Switch hitter with a decent glove. Has power and speed as well. His lack of ability to take pitches and walk will hinder his ability to be a CIF or COF starter unless his power takes the next step or he proves he could stick in a MIF or CF position. Will be listed as a 3b for SWB next year, but he will play games all over the field. Peraza has the higher ceiling, but Cabrera is good as well and is really young for his level. My bet is he is dangled due to the depth at the MIF positions

    20 yr old OF Everson Pereira- .303/.398/.686 across A and A+. Very fast OFer with light tower power and just started showing it. 20HR and 9 steals in 49 games. 31EBH in 49 games. Can take a walk but also K's a bunch. He will likely be in AA next year

    22 yr old C/OF Austin Wells- .264/.390/.476- debut season as last year was washed out. 16HR and 16 steals in 103 games. Solid offensive year while they progress him as a C. He is more a Schwarber type whose power should manifest further as he gets older and stronger. Should start 22 in AA

    18 yr old Jasson Dominguez- .252/.353/.379- Lots of ups and downs for him. He goes on a tear then goes ice cold (as he is now). Kid is super young for his level and will likely repeat the level out of the gate next year. Has shown glimpses of the speed and power while also showing the willingness to walk. K's too much at this juncture.

    21 yr old 1B/OF Anthony Garcia- .306/.444/.678- Insane long season debut part of season. 39 games, 14HR, 15SB. He is 6'5" and switch hits. Has light tower power. Needs to find a position and stick. Aside from Dominguez and maybe Volpe, he has the highest ceiling of anyone.

    21 yr old SS/3B Trey Sweeney- .261/.384/.548- very solid long season debut for Sweeney. Most college draftees go short season out of the gate, but things have changed recently. Has shown his power, 9HR in 32G, as well as his discerning eye with 22BB. Big knock on him and one of the reasons why he was considered a reach is that he isnt expected to stick at SS. Yanks don't need more SS prospects. Sweeney will eventually slot into 3B and work his way up the chain
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    BA's new top 10 for the Yankees

    Anthony Volpe, SS
    Oswald Peraza, SS
    Jasson Dominguez, OF
    Luis Gil, RHP
    Austin Wells, C
    Hayden Wesneski, RHP
    Trey Sweeney, SS
    Oswaldo Cabrera, 2B/3B
    Luis Medina, RHP
    Ken Waldichuk, LHP

    I wouldn't count Schmidt out. I really like him and think he could be a good No. 2 starter in the bigs. I absolutely love Peirera too. Adding Arias in two months add another monster bat to the depth.

    1. Dominguez
    2. Volpe
    3. Peraza
    4. Arias
    5. Schmidt
    6. Gil
    7. Sweeney
    8. Wells
    9. Peirera
    10. Vargas

    My own top 10. I'd love for us to add some pitching in the 2022 draft obviously.

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    We heard you were deep, last year, too.
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    Roderick Arias to sign with yanks per reports. Top intl FA

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    Yankees are in line to sign next year's top ifa Cuban of mayea for somewhere between 4.5 million to 5 million dollars. Keep adding high impact guys. It's all a crapshoot but it'd be nice to add him to the system

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    This is what you do. Add the best talent at the time and hope they grow. Yanks have been absolutely nails on the INTL market which makes the prospect of a draft problematic at the very least for prospect building in the Bronx

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