There was a shake-up in the top 10 rankings, this week as Oregon got throttled by Utah (I've long felt the Pac-10 was over-rated) and Michigan St, was pounded by Ohio St.

Of course, my team is Notre Dame. I was there, my Freshman year, when our 3rd string QB, Joe Montana led us to a big Cotton Bowl victory over the Earl Campbell led Longhorns for the 1977 NCAA Championship. One ranking has ND number 5, but my guess is the "committee" will come out with these rankings, tomorrow night- with one week to go...

1. Georga 11-0
2. Ohio St 10-1
3. Alabama 10-1
4. Cincinatti 11-0
5. Michigan 10-1
6. Notre Dame 10-1
7. OK St 10-1
8. Ole Miss 9-2
9. Oklahoma 10-1
10. Baylor 9-2/Oregon 9-2

Here is how I see it shaking out:
1. Georgia beats GA Tech and ends up #1 seeded at 12-0.
2. Ohio St beats Michigan to end up #2 at 11-1.
3. Alabama almost lost to Arkansas and has a tough game at Auburn. I put this as a toss-up.
4. Cincy should win at E Carolina on Friday.
5. Michigan loses to OSU.
6. Notre Dame wins at Stanford and passes the Michigan-OSU loser who will have 2 loses.
7. OK St hosts Oklahoma, and the winner might have an outside chance at squeaking in.

Let's say all this comes true, the rankings before conference championship games might look like this:
1. Georgia
2. Ohio St
3. Alabama
4. Cincinatti
5. Notra Dame
6. OK St.
7. Ole Miss/Baylor/Oregon/ Mich St.

The Conference Championship games are not set, but this could be the most likely match-ups:

SEC Georgia v Alabama
-If AL loses, they have 2 losses and should be out.
-If Georgia loses, maybe bot team are in the top 4.

Big Ten
The winner of OSU & Mich will play Iowa or Wisconsin
-I'm assuming OSU or Mich wins and is top 4.

Cincy should play #19 Houston.
-If Cincy wins, they will be in.
-If Cincy loses, ND should be in.

Pac 10
Oregon will likely get a rematch with Utah
-If Utah wins, they may sneak in, if there are some upsets.
-If Oregon wins, no Pac-10 team has a chance.

Big 12
OK & OK St are 7-1 in the conference but one will lose, next week. Baylor is 6-2.
-I'm not sure any Big 12 team makes the top 4, unless some upsets happen.

I'm hopeful ND makes it. Take care of business at Stanford, and not having a conference championship game should help, as others knock each other off.