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Thread: 5/13 SOX @ Rangers 8:05PM ET

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPLENDIDSPLINTER View Post
    If any player did all 5, he would have to be a pinch runner first, so, like you said, I seriously doubt it's ever been done.
    I just hope no one is wasting too much of their time trying to think of a sixth way.
    Old school is good school.

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    I'm not sure what "defensive indifference" to a batter getting to first would refer to and how it's different from a FC. Maybe: runner on third with winning run, batter hits weak ground ball to pitcher, who just runs the guy back to third? thus 'indifferent' to the guy getting to first? Seems to me like a classic FC--the defense COULD have gotten the hitter out at first, but CHOSE to focus on something else. I can't think of a case where a fielder would be indifferent to hitter getting to first, which is the same as being 'indifferent' to an out: and that is never really the case, is it?
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