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Thread: 5/15 SOX @ Rangers 2:35PM ET

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    Quote Originally Posted by notin View Post
    Houck’s track record as a starter isn’t so great I want him in the rotation. He really does belong in the bullpen.

    Now why they use him to piggyback starters who have a short leash is a mystery to me. Just throw him in the back end and make him a closer/high leverage guy and leave him there.

    And DFA Brasier. He is in the bottom 2% in exit velocity against, hard hit%, and average batted ball distance. He’s fooling nobody…
    Brasier and Barnes on a two-man rocket to the sun?
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    The Red Sox are 8-1 in their last 9 postseason games against the Yankees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellhorn04 View Post
    Brasier and Barnes on a two-man rocket to the sun?
    It's time to DFA Brasier and call Seabold up. (I guess wait a couple days, until Seabold is in sync for a start.)
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