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Thread: 2022 Yankees First Year Player Draft.

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    2022 Yankees First Year Player Draft.

    First pick is about an hour away.

    Yanks had been really hit or miss with their first rounders in the past 15 years. They've tried to be cerebral and pick guys nobody ranked and typically it bit them in the ass. They finally started taking guys who were highly ranked in 2016 when they took Blake Rutherford. Now, Rutherford ended up washing out, but he had enough clout as a prospect to be used in the KRob/Kahnle/Frazier deal. From 2017 on, they've done a pretty good job

    2017- Clarke Schmidt- recovering from TJS, the Yanks got a deal on him and now he is on the MLB/AAA shuttle and very likely to be our 5th starter out of the ASB
    2018-Anthony Seigler- picked one spot ahead of Casas, the Yanks definitely want a re-do. But Seigler's bat has developed, his speed is there and his defense is stellar. He will be in AA next year and should be on the fast track to be in the bigs in 23/24
    2019- Anthony Volpe- a top 8 MLB prospect who has gone thermonuclear
    2020- Austin Wells- hammering all pitches and now a top 50 big league prospect
    2021- Trey Sweeney- started out cold this year in A ball, now mashing. Should be in High A soon

    Yanks 8 picks away to see if they go with highly ranked players or shirk that again
    Hal sucks

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    1. Spencer Jones- Huge power. Lots of swing and miss. Hit for a high average. Had a huge arm before a fracture in his pitching elbow ended his pitching career. His comp is Aaron Judge.
    Hal sucks

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    2. Drew Thorpe- RHP- projection picks in college are rare, but this kid has a now high floor with projection to be greater. Sits 91-93 with a true 4 pitch arsenal and one of if not the best change up in the draft class. Where the projection comes in is his frame. Hes a 64 195lb string bean who should add power as he bulks up, but also has the now command and arsenal to move through the minors fast. Yanks will probably need to hold him back some as he gets into their arm strengthening program and get some meat on his bones, because hes the kinda guy who will decimate the short season minors and lower A ball levels.

    Thus far, I like the top two picks. Im glad to see the Yanks shirking off the low ceiling high floor players and going for guys who have the ceilings to be something special.

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    I agree two great picks for where they drafted. Should sign for about slot. I hope they continue to draft college arms they've been so good at scouting.

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    3. Trystan Vrieling RHP
    Very similar to Thorpe and rated about the same. College pitcher, 64 200 lb. Has more now power topping out at 95 with lots of projection due to his size. Truly has a four pitch mix with a hammer curve, a true plus change and a slider that acts as a cutter. Issue with Vrieling that cost him a higher selection is he loses his command at times and other times commands pretty well. Thorpe doesnt have that inconsistency to him.

    Either way, both Thorpe and Vrieling look like guys with starter stuff and arsenal. Love these picks

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    Really strange draft. Not a single high school player thus far

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