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JBJ also want the entirety of that trade.

We wonít ever know all the logic that went into that trade, but itís not ridiculous think they wanted JBJ for some defense and liked Hamilton and Binelas as players they hoped to get for a player who was released one year earlier but played well enough to earn a significant raise.

If Bloom wanted to build something of a farm system, trading MLB players at the suspected peak is going to happen. And if they had any designs on someone like Suzuki, the positions certainly made senseÖ
I'm sure it made sense to Bloom and likely a few others, maybe yes men. He must have liked Binela and or Hamilton more than just about anyone else. He might have also thought or hoped JBJ would rebound and or Renfroe would regress, but many here felt he was going to be wrong on 3 fronts:

1. More money for JBJ than Renfroe
2. JBJ was not going to bounce back.
3. The prospects were not promising enough to be worth it. (This could still change.)