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Thread: Old Extensions

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    Giants would like to offer
    Alfonso Soriano
    $ 11,000,000 per season over 4 years
    Like to talk more then Just sox
    It great site to talk about other sports and your sox or your Fav. team sim leaguie on the way March of 2005
    Sign ups are now so if u want team go to link to get 1

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    Pavano 6mil per year through 2008
    There are only two teams you can root for in baseball, the Red Sox, and whoever is playing the Yankees

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    Reply with this in the designated section for extentions. It should be right below this post in the "Contract Extensions" forum.
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    Gert: "I am a robot."

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    Youkilis rules has discovered my secret. Ban.
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    Originally posted by RedSox24@Dec 22 2004, 12:16 PM
    Pavano 6mil per year through 2008
    this is ignored because it is not in the correct thread.
    QUOTE (Noah @ Nov 15 2004, 09:14 PM)
    We had another meeting and decided. Rad is too cool to let go of.
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    Gert: "Do what I saaaaaay."

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    Why are you not banned yet? Yeszir must update my software.
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