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Thread: Vin Scully Passes Away

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    Vin Scully Passes Away

    It was a treat to listen to a Vin Scully broadcast. It was art.
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    Chaim, you are in the big leagues now. Drawing 10,000 fans a game is not going to cut it, and people don’t buy tickets to Fenway to talk about the Farm

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    "Relief pitchers are a crapshoot." No, the truth is "Crapshoot pitchers are relievers."

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    Bill Russell and Vin Scully in the same week. Jeez, two titans gone…

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    RIP Vin. The best.
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    I listened to so many Los Doyers games when living in LA. Never cared for the team, but loved Vin. He was the greatest. No doubt about it. They will never again put out a baseball product like that.
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    I get MV Pee.

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    Bill Russell and Vin Scully in the same week. Jeez, two titans gone…
    Don't forget Lt. Uhura!

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    RIP Vin. A great loss for the Dodgers and for the baseball world. He was the absolute best.

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    These days , it is hard to get people to agree on anything. But when it comes to baseball announcers , it is close to unanimous , Vin Scully was the GOAT.
    Old school is good school.

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    .Maury Wills passed away.
    Old school is good school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgalehouse View Post
    .Maury Wills passed away.
    Small ball, and pitching the good Dodgers teams of the early 60’s, and Maury was a good one.

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