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Thread: Contract Extensions - 12/19/04

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    Originally posted by stocker323@Dec 16 2004, 07:08 PM
    A couple questions. Is this one offer per player or per team, and if you have an offer listed above does that mean you can't offer another contract extension until after the sim on Sunday?
    No, one SET of offers per sim. You can put as many offers in as you want at one time, its just a pain to put an offer in, reject, put offer in, reject, put offer in reject. Plus, eventually the player will break off talks and go to free agency at the end of the season.
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    The a's offer Roger Clemens 2 year 3.75 mil tract.
    Jeff Kent: 2year 3.5 mill tract
    Kevin Appier and Dustin Hermanson: 2 years 1 mill
    Paul Lo Duca: 2 years 8 mill

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    Tampa Bay offers:

    1B Doug Mienkiewicz $1,000,000 per year over 3 years

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    Belliard- 4 mil for 2 years
    Hildalgo- 6 mil for 4 years

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    never got back to me on AIM what does smoltz and all my MRs want
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    Cory Lidle 3 million per for 2 years

    Robert Fick 1 million per for 2 years

    Steve Trachsel 2.5 million per for 2 years

    Mariano Rivera 7.5 million per for 3 years

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    Pedro Martinez 12.5 per for 4 years

    Estaban Loazia 6.5 per for 4 years

    Barry Zito 8.5 per for 5 years
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    Blue Jays offer RP Troy Percival 8.5 Million for 2 years
    Blue Jays offer 1B Carlos Delgado 10 Million for 3 years

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    all we need is a update then all the questions will be answered
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    Twins offer 2B Jerry Hariston $1,000,000 per year for 2 years.

    Twins Offer SP Rich Harden $1,000,000 per year for 2 years.
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    Red Sox offer P Esteban Yan 1 million/year for 3 years.
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    cleveland offers...

    scott williamson- 2mil per year for 3 years

    rod barajas- 1.5mil per year for 3 years

    tino martinez- 500k per year for 1 year
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    Pirates offer these extensions

    2B Placido Polanco 2 years/$4,500,000 per year

    RF Karim Garcia 2 years/ $5,000,000 per year

    3B Derosa = "I would like $2,240,000 for 3 years." Please give him that contract.

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    Check your team's Salary Report

    If the offers were good, they signed.

    Otherwise they want to test the market or it was not enough money.
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    The Phillies offer LF Magglio Ordonez 19 million for 5 years
    The Phillies offer CL Eddie Guardado 6 million for 2 years
    The Phillies offer MR Nelson Cruz $600,000 for 2 years

    And i agree with the next post cause i need to know what i need to improve on or if i am just wasting my time.
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