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Thread: 9/22 Red Sox @ Yankees

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    Nobody likes losing. People can choose how much to enjoy, if at all, or not enjoy a team that is not winning.

    Of course, it's way more fun when we win, but I enjoyed last night's game, a lot. I thought we'd lose 6-0, but we fought back and took the lead. Our catcher of the future is looking very nice, and maybe our 1Bman of the future got a big hit, when it counted, unlike many of the stars on this team have been doing, all season long.

    Going all in, like we did from 2016-2018 has its consequences, and yet the solution many seem to want, now, is to go all in, again.

    When we don't, just read a game thread and find out.
    I've already said I enjoyed last night's game, probably for the same reasons as you. The Sox battled.

    vegasbob says he wants to go all out to win every game. By inference one concludes that was not done last night.

    To which I say, "horsehockey." Wacha, our ace for this season, went 6 innings while giving up 3 ER's. The bullpen, now decimated by both Houck and Whitlock being out for the rest of the season, gave up 1 ER in 3 + innings--against the Yankees, who only lead the AL in runs scored (by 44 runs).

    As for the lineup, if Cora erred, it was in keeping Bogaerts, Devers, and JDM in the lineup.

    I'm being facetious, of course, but my point is that it was newbies Casas and especially McGuire who delivered the 4 runs that put the Sox into the lead, 4-3, on a night when the team as a whole was--and this has been a season-long issue--1/12 with RISP.

    McGuire pinch-hitting for Wong was a terrific move for which Cora of course got no credit from the boo birds. Indeed, just an inning later the boo birds were condemning Cora because McGuire didn't throw out speedster Locastro's theft of 2d base, after which he scored on a grounder to 2b and a sac fly--to tie the game at 4.

    Let's face it. Everyone on talksox has been spoiled rotten by the John Henry era. If the Sox aren't headed for the postseason, they're a bunch of losers with a dumb manager and even dumber GM or whatever Chaim Bloom's title is.
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