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Thread: 2023 Yankees off-season thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    If Bloom has done one thing well, it's deadline trades:

    Pivetta & Seabold for Workman & Hembree
    (Moreland for Potts & Rosario and Pillar for Jacob Wallace, but what can be expected?)

    Schwarber for Aldo Ramirez
    Robles for Adam Scherff
    A Davis for Michael Chavis
    (Iggy and Shaw pick-ups were not trades.)

    Reese McGuire for Diekman
    E Valdez & W Abreu for Vaz
    Maz Ferguson, Corey Rosier & Hosmer for Jay Groome
    Is Austin Davis for Michael Chavis really a good trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonbay44 View Post
    Is Austin Davis for Michael Chavis really a good trade?
    Yes, He did okay for us in 2021, and Chavis had and would have no place on this team.

    Chavis has hit .673 for PIT.

    Anyway, I was talking about overall. If that is the worst trade, it's good sign.

    I'd have picked the Moreland trade.

    When you say it's gonna happen now
    When exactly do you mean?

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