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Thread: 9/06 SOX @ Rays 6:40PM ET

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    Valdez has been showing some wood in this series.

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    Have to get Wong in.

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    Wong should have been going on contact. Would have scored. Be aggressive.

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    Raley crashes into the wall in RF. Apparently can't play Right either. Does he have any idea where he is in the OF?

    The real life Bump Bailey.
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    Runner on third, no outs, top of the order up. Doesn't sore. Pathetic. Fire Chaim Bloom!

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    Pivetta is given a lead and gives it right back in the bottom of the inning. Cardinal sin. Grooved that pitch to Lowe. Lowes 3rd homer off Pivetta in 16 ABs. Try something different Nick.

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    Pivettaboutit! again.

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    Its got to be killing Cora to watch the Red Sox defense. Pathetic execution of the pickle.

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    All that's missing is the music from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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    Good grief
    Just tuned in to see that the Flops are still playing brain dead baseball

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    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    In the words of Don Corleone when he slaps a crying Johnny Fontaine: "Act like a man!" No, offense ladies.

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    Just turned the game on to watch the run-down. Yikes.
    "Fans have become more entitled than anything. So they're starting to question our motives for the game, or how we approach the game. The ones that do question -- like who are you? Just shut up and watch the game tonight." --Kevin Durant on players' lack of effort in regular season games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedballgame View Post
    Wong should have been going on contact. Would have scored. Be aggressive.
    That was a brain dead play too

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    In Glasnow's last 5 starts he has pitched 32 innings giving up 10 earned runs and 22 hits. The SOX have no one close to that and probably won't for many years. After Tampa has used up Glasnow, Bloom will be waiting to pounce.
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    Lots of swinging at balls in the dirt-all year long.

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