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Thread: 4/20 @ Buccos

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonslav59 View Post
    Crawford is really holding it together. A little high on the BBs, but he bears down afterwards. 6 IP was good to see,

    These starters are proving to be more than capable. The only question now is durability, stamina and keeping the down times to a minimum.

    With 3 starters already on the IL I believe we can eliminate durability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxbialystock View Post
    What cheap? Payroll this year is $180M, 11th highest in MLB. Yoshida, Story, and Jansen all have pretty good contracts.

    What we can be sure of is that he hates the idea of big/long contracts for starters--and that of course dovetails with your point. The current Sox rotation is pretty much the best in MLB and their (Bello, Pivetta, Crawford, Whitlock, and Houck) combined salaries amount to $14M. Pivetta is out, but expected back in about 10 days. Whitlock sometime in May I think.

    The investments are primarily in lineup players, Story and Yoshida, who have yet to deliver.
    I could have sworn that Masa delivered yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPLENDIDSPLINTER View Post
    With 3 starters already on the IL I believe we can eliminate durability.
    I was talking about Houck, Crawford and Whitlock, and to some extent Bello, who have never pitched 28+ starts in MLB.

    Also, if and Whitlock returns and gives us over 25 or 26 starts for 2024, I will feel better about his "durability" than I did in March.

    This season was not about checking our Gio and Pivetta's "durability." Their loss was somewhat unexpected.

    When you say it's gonna happen now
    When exactly do you mean?

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