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Thread: Seattle Mariners Extentions

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    offer SP milton 1 yr, 6 mill.
    Sign RP Mantei for 9 mil/3 years (3 mill per yr)
    offer SP clement 1 yr, 5 mill
    offer RP nelson 2 yrs 3 mill per yr
    Sign RP mesa 5.34 mil/1 year
    Sign DH fullmer 4.43 mil/3 year (1.47 mill per yr)

    The ones that say sign mean that thats what Rad said they would sign for in the last extention thread.

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    Re: Seattle Mariners Extentions

    Milton wants to test the market.
    Mantei, Signed
    Clement wants to test the market.
    Nelson wants to test the market.
    Mesa, Signed
    Fullmer, Signed
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